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Group Travel

Booked By Barthel specializes in Group Travel. We have experience working with organized groups and extended families to make all the arrangements necessary for a successful and memorable group trip.


We offer several group travel opportunities a year, hoping to bring together community members, friends and/or relatives that don’t always get the opportunity to vacation together. It also offers people that are interested in travel but not comfortable traveling alone the comfort of a pre-organized group and a local contact person to answer all their questions. We put together packages that combine value and experience, so our clients return home with memories that last a lifetime!


We customize our group travel packages whenever possible so that our clients experience a little extra something. A special trip to our favorite bakery in Budapest or a walk THROUGH the Pont du Gard in France where the water used to flow through the Roman aqueduct. Maybe it’s a small celebration for one of the traveler’s birthdays or anniversaries or a private guided tour of a Heritage site.  We make our clients feel special!


We can provide all travel arrangements, accommodations, meals, specialized tours and even provide a group leader, if required. We work with the group to customize a package to suit the group’s needs. If you have a group of ten or more people looking to travel together, contact us to handle all the details so you can Just Pack Your Bags!