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European Cruise

Cruising in Europe is becoming extremely popular for North American tourists. It is a great way to see multiple European countries without having to unpack more than once. Enjoy Europe’s rich culture, history and monuments without having to worry about getting from port to port. Watch the coastline of various countries glide by as you relax on your balcony and imagine the thousands of years of history the coastal towns have seen.


Depending on where the cruise departs from, as well as the length of the cruise and the size of the ship, determines what ports are visited. You can see multiple cities in multiple countries on one cruise, or you can concentrate on one or two countries.


Popular cruise ports for ships to depart in the Mediterranean are Barcelona, Rome and Venice. From these three ports, you can choose cruises that visit Spain, France, North Africa, Italy, Greece, Croatia, Turkey and Israel.


Cruising from London you can choose multiple itineraries. You can cruise around the British Isles and visit England, Scotland, Ireland and even the northern coast of France. Or you may choose to sail up around Norway and reach the northern coast of Russia. You can also cruise the Baltic Sea, from London or Copenhagen, and see Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania.


Another option is to travel on the repositioning cruises as the cruise lines move their ships from the Caribbean or Alaska over to Europe or the reverse. These are often less expensive cruises with more days at sea than port stops, but a fun relaxing way to travel.


Exploring Europe on a cruise ship is both exciting and relaxing and a great value for your money.

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