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Jamaica is the third largest island in the Caribbean. With a culture and flair all its own, it is also the birthplace of the all-inclusive resort. It boasts beautiful white sand beaches, golf courses and shopping as its main assets.


Jamaica has three major resort areas; Montego Bay, Negril and Ocho Rios. Each has a variety of all-inclusive resorts, hotels and inns and each has separate attractions to draw tourists.


Montego Bay is the city where the major international airport is located. One of the benefits of staying in a resort in Montego Bay is the short drive between the airport and resorts. The beaches of Montego Bay are often small, calm bays with beautiful blue Caribbean water. The nightlife and shopping often draw tourists to stay in this area.


Negril is home to the famous Seven Mile Beach and lies at the western tip of Jamaica. This pristine beach is dotted with hotels and all-inclusive resorts and is about an hour long drive from Montego Bay, depending on the resort location. This is the most popular resort area, with white sand beaches and beautiful, calm Caribbean water. There are many resorts and resort styles to choose from in this area.


Ocho Rios is a town on the northeast side of the island and is a popular cruise port. Known for its shopping, it is also closer to the mountains and has a more tropical, lush feel to it. Some of the resorts in this area are not beachfront, but more mountainous, so you have the choice of being on the beach or having beautiful ocean views. One of Jamaica’s major tourist attractions is Dunns River Falls, which is just outside of Ocho Rios. The trip from Montego Bay takes an hour and a half.


Reggae music was developed on Jamaica and music is very popular on the island. They also developed the mix of spices known as “Jamaican Jerk” and it is part of the local cuisine. Blue Mountain coffee is grown on the island and one of Jamaica’s exports, along with sugar and bananas.


Jamaica offers a great Caribbean vacation for people looking for beautiful beaches and all-inclusive resorts.

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