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Summer Vacation Starts NOW!

I can remember as a kid, summer vacation was a magical term. It meant freedom from schedules and homework and was synonymous with FUN! It was pool time, running with friends on sunny days and it was Kool-Aid. Oh my goodness, how I loved Kool-Aid and we only got it in the summer as a treat (otherwise it was good old water!). I ALWAYS looked forward to summer vacation!

I still love summer vacation. So much so, that now I plan them for other people!

That means that I’m looking at all KINDS of vacations and destinations, from a week at the beach, to a tour of a European country, to a cruise that hits multiple beaches or countries. Summer vacation changes with our stages of life, as well as our current job and financial situation. More vacation time may mean a longer summer vacation and a tax refund this year could mean a bucket list trip!

Is this your year for a bucket list trip? Is this your year to put the FUN into summer vacation again?

The most popular destinations trending for this summer are the Caribbean, Europe, South Africa and Canada. However, if you’ve been hearing a lot about Iceland or Norway and THAT’s where you want to go, what’s stopping you?

IMG_1137-300x225I personally am headed to Italy. Yes, I’ll be one of the sweating masses at the Colisseum, wandering the cliffs of Cinque Terre and tasting the wines of Tuscany. My reasons for this vacation have to do with two things; my travel buddy is a teacher (and my daughter 🙂 ) who has time to explore with me in the summer and Italy is one of the top destinations I sell, so I need to actually experience the hotels, villas and areas where I’m sending my clients.

THAT is why people come to me for help with planning their summer vacations and all their travel. They want that experience and expertise, someone who knows the best places to stay and visit and how to get around!

So if you’re looking for help with your summer vacation, it’s not too late! I’d be happy to help connect you to your travel dreams and make YOUR summer vacation one to remember.