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Help & Healing

It is with a heavy heart that I write this week’s blog. How is it that our world has become such a crazy place?? That people turn to violence to somehow make themselves feel better or significant?

I believe that our focus should remain on how communities ARE coming together to help each other; to support the wounded in Las Vegas, to send aid to the Caribbean, Florida and Houston.

I’m proud to be part of an industry that has taken all of these difficult situations and turned them around to support the communities that support them during the good times.

We Need To Come Together As A Community To Help Where/When We Can!

Our Host Agency, which is based in Texas, collected donations from all of its agents to help our colleagues in Houston. The cruise lines have all been donating their ships to help bring supplies to devastated islands and evacuate people to safe places. Airlines have waived change fees and sent planes to help in evacuations.

We have clients booked on a Royal Caribbean sailing out of Puerto Rico this weekend. Jet Blue allowed a free itinerary change so they can fly home the day the cruise returns. Royal Caribbean has offered a free pre-night on the cruise ship knowing hotels in San Juan aren’t ready to host guests and they are also supplying free airport transfers to make sure the guests flying in for their cruise get to and from the ship safely without hampering the relief efforts there.

This is after Royal Caribbean used this same ship to evacuate people from Puerto Rico to the US and returned with much needed emergency supplies THIS week.

Our Strength Is Not Determined By Surviving A Disaster, It’s Determined By How We Recover!


It’s also important to spread the word that tourism needs to continue to these affected places. Especially in the Caribbean, where the economy of many islands rely on tourism.

I’m not suggesting to book your vacation to Puerto Rico today, but don’t think that every island was affected and that you have to cancel your plans for your well-deserved winter break.

If you need some guidance or suggestions for this coming winter, we would be happy to help. We’re also recommending that you book early this year. Showing support to the Caribbean as a whole will help speed the rebuilding process on those islands that were hit hard.

Wishing you a more peaceful week and time to heal in our wounded world.