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3 Vacations We’ve Saved!


One of the most frequently asked questions we get from prospective clients is, “Why should we book our vacation through you?” In this day and age of technology and the internet, it’s a fair question, so I’d like to answer it. I could tell you that we’re informed, we’re kind and honest and this is what we do for a living, but you’d be bored. Instead, let me tell you three true stories of how we’ve saved our clients’ vacations in different ways.

We had clients booked on a river cruise in Europe one Fall. They had booked the vacation a year in advance with us because they knew EXACTLY what river they wanted to sail, what date they wanted to go and what cruise line and even cabin type they wanted. We took care of the reservation, and all the details, and two weeks before their trip met them for lunch and gave them all of their travel documents. They were SO excited!

Three days later, I received word that the cruise line was going to be unable to sail due to low water in the river (which does happen sometimes) and that they had the option of cancelling for a full refund or staying on the ship where it was docked and just doing day excursions on buses. Well that was NOT what they had signed up for, they really wanted to experience the river cruise. So I worked all weekend to find them an alternative cruise, on the same dates, on a different river in Europe that didn’t have water level issues and still had availability and I got them booked on a different cruise….at NO ADDITIONAL COST to them.

Now I can’t take all of the credit, the cruise line worked very hard with me to make this happen and even gave my clients some additional credits for their inconvenience. What I heard from my clients, though, was that if they had booked this trip themselves, they would have just cancelled and skipped their vacation. They would not have taken the time or had the patience to work through all of the arrangements themselves and would have just stayed home! DON’T RISK MISSING YOUR VACATION!


Another client was just recently booked on a trip to Ireland to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day there. Well, the blizzard of 2017 was coming in on the same day they were supposed to fly out. When they contacted me to ask what would happen, I jumped into action to see what we could do. I asked if they were already packed and could they fly out that night?

I was able to reschedule their flights for a day earlier, so they would fly out before the storm, again at no additional cost to them. I also booked them a hotel right in the center of Dublin so their extra day in Ireland could be enjoyed on foot, exploring the city. Who wouldn’t WANT AN EXTRA DAY IN DUBLIN? They were able to enjoy their full vacation as planned with an extra day in Dublin AND celebrate St. Patrick’s Day where it is celebrated best!

Again, the airline had waived the change fees, so I can’t take all the credit and they did have to pay for the hotel night in Dublin, but this had been a dream vacation for them that they had put off for a year due to illness. We wanted to make SURE that we connected them with that dream. DON’T DENY YOUR DREAMS!

The last story is about making sure that the end of a vacation wasn’t a nightmare. I had clients ending an ocean cruise in Venice, Italy and flying home the same day the cruise ended….well, that was the plan. Unfortunately, as weather has its way with us, Venice was fogged in that morning and the ships were not allowed to dock. The ship waited as long as it could and then had to be redirected to another port, about two hours away. With the delay and now the longer airport transfer, my clients knew they were NEVER going to make their flight.

They contacted me immediately when they found out their docking was delayed and then kept me in the loop as they received information. On my side of the world, I immediately called the airline to explain what was going on and re-booked my clients on flights out of Venice the next morning. Also, because of my business affiliations with the airlines, I was able to get their change fees waived, so AGAIN IT DID NOT COST MY CLIENTS EXTRA!

I booked them an airport hotel in Venice for the night and had the new flight and hotel information to them before the ship changed course for the new port. They informed me that as everyone else on the ship was scrambling to figure out what to do about missing their flights and trying to get the cruise line personnel to accommodate all of them at once, my clients were enjoying the last few hours of sailing on the beautiful ship. Everything was already taken care of for them. DON’T PANIC IF YOU DON’T HAVE TO!

I actually have many more stories, but I just want you to understand that the reason you should book your vacation with us is WE CARE! We are here to help take the pressure and burden off of you and make your travel dreams come true. We have great suppliers and connections and sometimes, just sometimes, a little magic too!