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3 Tips to a Kinder Airport Experience

Becoming a Trusted Traveler  – Taking the time to enroll in one of the Department of Homeland Security’s trusted traveler programs can make a HUGE difference to your experience at the airport! It will save you time passing through security and coming home from a foreign country. Being vetted takes some time filling out forms and scheduling interviews and the programs do have a fee. However, if your time is worth money and you travel frequently enough, the costs are MINOR compared to the time you can save!

1. Global Entry Program – This is for the international traveler that goes abroad several times a year. This program will save HOURS of waiting in line at Customs & Immigration on your return to the US. It also automatically enrolls you into TSA Pre-Check, which saves more time through security screenings at the airport.

The cost is $100 for five years and there is an application process and a face to face interview required.

Global Entry Application

2.  TSA Pre-Check – This is for the domestic traveler that flies within the US several times a year. This program saves a lot of time in the TSA security screening, as it allow you to go through WITHOUT having to remove your shoes, laptops or liquids from your carry-on bags. Some of the smaller airports don’t have TSA Pre-Check or have limited availability depending on how busy they are.

The cost is $85 for five years with application and interview required.

TSA Pre Check Application

There are now 37 participating TSA Pre™ Airlines.
US Airlines that use TSA Precheck

3. The BEST ADVICE we have, whether you’ve taken the time to enroll in the programs or not, when you’re at the airport, COURTESY rules! TSA will always incorporate random and unpredictable security measures throughout the airport and no individual will be guaranteed TSA Pre✓™ screening. EVEN IF YOU HAVE Global Entry or TSA Pre-Check, the system randomly selects people to go through full security screenings, just as it randomly selects people that haven’t gotten pre-qualified through these programs to go through the TSA Pre-Check line. Have patience and follow the TSA officer instructions, THEY ARE THERE FOR ALL OF OUR SAFETY!